WNDR3800 Wifi performance 18.06


I've been using Calmer on a WMDR3800 since – don't know – years. The wireless performance of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios were always ok, so stable, reasonably fast, reachable in the whole appartment. After updating to 18.06 this changed drastically. Out of the room where the router is located the wireless connections have become hardly usable. The configuration has not changed. I simply made an upgrade.

Any hints



FWIW, I just upgraded my old calmer wndr3800 router to openwrt 18.06 and I am experiencing the exact opposite! My wireless signal quality improved dramatically. But I did also move the router to a new location...

I bought a second (used) one a few days ago because I was trying to get better coverage throughout, but this other unit's signal is no where near as good as the other router, actually it is quite bad. Especially on the 2.4ghz radio, but that's the case regardless of whether I use openwrt or netgear stock firmware.

Ohhh.... BTW, I found that using the "max" power setting in openwrt causes my router's signal strength to be quite bad, but if I use a lower power setting it is quite good. For example, on 5Ghz I recall I am using 17db and not 20db, and on 2.4ghz I am using 26db rather than 29db. But this did not work on the 2nd router... :frowning: