WNDR3700 v1/v4 - Low WAN to LAN performance

my 2 routers WNDR3700v1 and WNDR3700v4 achieve low transmission speeds from WAN to LAN, however, according to the description, they should be 1gbit :slight_smile:

I have a download speed of 500 Mbps from the provider, but a maximum of 280 Mbps passes through router v1, and a maximum of 200 Mbps passes through v4, which is even less than v1.

I read on the forum that you need to turn on SFE as it should be supported, so I turned it on everywhere through putty. And the user who turned it on in 2019 probably reaches a transfer speed of 816 Mbps on version 19xx. But there was no change for me.

And why is v4 slower than v1. Are there any ways to speed up these transfers?
v1 https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/netgear/netgear_wndr3700_v1
v4 https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/netgear/netgear_wndr3700_v4 128MB ram&flash

I have such devices.

Nope! The WAN link is 1 Gb/s, that doesn't mean you'll get a 1 Gb/s routing. You can't expect this from such vintage devices! Their CPUs are oudated. 300 Mbit/s is about the maximum they can handle. For 500Mbit/s you'll need a newer device.


Indeed, these old devices are far to slow for 500 MBit/s (the reasonable limit is somewhere between 120-200 MBit/s), see


If your provider uses pppoe try applying the fix on the botton of the issue page https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues/10224


I currently have these devices for testing and familiarization with OpenWRT. I am new here.
Of course, I have a router from my provider that can handle these speeds and more. And I have it connected at the entrance to the apartment.

But in this thread WNDR3700 - Low WAN to LAN performance - #13 by RawEffect , the user @RawEffect (he doesn't come here anymore) wrote that after turning on SFE, his transmission speed increased. And I think it's great that such an old device is still supported and viable. So why not? I squeeze as much as I can out of him.

// Well, at the moment they don't give it for downloads above 200Mbps. The CPU is maxed out even with SFE on.

thanks for the reply. Basically, what I wrote for badulesi applies.

Good idea. I started with this too.

Two things you must know about theses devices:

SFE maybe actual sofware offloading. You won't get much by enabling it.

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Thaks for the reply. I read the topic. I have a wndr3700 connected to a router from my internet provider. And from it I get 500Mbps to the wndr3700 and it is connected to it via dhcp.

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