WLAN bridge to LAN same network and DHCP

I try to configure my WDR3600 with OpenWRT, to connect to my 5GHz WLAN and want to use the LAN ports in the same network.
After setting up the fresh installation of OpenWRT, I added the WLAN interface and I am now able to access all devices from my main network. The problem is, that I want all LAN ports to be in the same network as they would be part of the first router. How do I have to setup the DHCP and IP address settings?
I read the article about Dump AP and WLAN Bridge, but don't get it, how to do it in my case.
Maybe someone has the same configuration running.
The main router is an ASUS RT-AC68U with default software, no OpenWRT.


on the openwrt router

  • disable the dhcp server
  • disable wan interface
  • change the ip of the lan interface to one in the subnet of the asus router
  • connect one cable from the asus to one of the lan ports of the openwrt router

Thanks for the response.
I want to extend the current network over WLAN to use the LAN ports in the same network. No LAN cable between the two routers.
I configured the WWAN interface, to connect to the ASUS WLAN and I now want to have all LAN ports of the OpenWRT router to be in the same network.
Like the first picture here, but without WDS etc.

Is the WWAN correct, or should I configure a WLAN interface without any firewalls etc.?
How to get this configuration to work?

802.11 frames and Ethernet frames are not the same. As a result, you can't just "bridge" them with a Linux bridge. If you can't run a wire or use something like power-line modems, WDS, a Layer 2 GRE tunnel, or a "Layer 2" routing protocol, such as batman-adv, are the approaches I'd recommend.

If your ASUS probably doesn't support any of those in a robust way, then a hack like relayd might be needed (which is IPv4 only). If so, the travelmate package is perhaps the easiest way to get that set up.