Wireless subinterfaces with OpenWrt

Hello all ..
I have one interface of wireless named as ath01 and when i create vlan of id 200 using command "vconfig add ath01 200" it successfully create ath01.200 but then clients connected to ath01 native interface bridge to br-lan has all the network stopped. The interface ath01.200 is not bridged yet.
It is happening with qca drivers on openwrt 15.05.
why is it happening that on creating vlan for atheros, native vlan packets stopped??

Wireless doesn't do VLAN tagging. Create an additional wireless interface, and do tagging in the wired interface it's bridged to (not br-lan).


@Borromini, is this the only reason for this behavior?
Actually what I need to move Wireless clients on an specific VLAN dynamically, so when client connects, I am creating a wireless interface with VLAN tag of that VLAN. It is actually a scenario of Dynamic VLAN tagging.
How will I achieve this in this case??

802.1x supports dynamic VLANs. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/wireless.security.8021x


It this official OpenWrt?

Nevermind...and BTW, this version is old, insecure and unsupported.

@Borromini @mikma .. Thankyou guys .. I was able to resolve this issue but got stuck in another issue. :frowning:
The issue is that when i create a wireless tagged interface (say wlan0.3010).. The clients of wlan0.1 are unable to connect If I remove that interface, those clients are getting connected
I am creating interface using ip command like (ip link add link ath0 name ath0.3010 type vlan id 3010). this setup was working correctly If we have VLANs and their bridges pre-configured when network and hostapd starts .. But, now we have implemented it dynamically.. So, initially there are no vlan interfaces and bridges for then, as soon a client connects, a script runs and create VLAN interfaces and bridges .. With this implementation, Native VLAN clients stucks .. even though VLAN binded clients are still working correctly ..
Any help ?? Really stucked in it ..

Hey guys, just want you guys know that these issues are resolved now.
These issues were caused because when ever a new client of a VLAN (say 3010) gets connected, the wireless packets starts to going our from wlan0.3010 since we were adding wlan0.3010 dynamically. So we made a logic that will re-create wlan0.1 (dynamically using same commands) .. In this way packets of Native clients starts to go out as untagged ..
P.S: These all are related to dynamic VLAN setup..

Thanks for the help guys.

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