Wireless Router (or Router+WAP)

Hi, I'm new to OpenWrt and would like to setup a new infrastructure because I have very bad networking at home.

Currently I have a 100Mbps ISP Wifi router, and a home NAS. I have decent budget and want to buy the following:

  1. Wireless Router (or wired router + WAP) to install OpenWRT on the router
  2. POE switch
  3. Wireless access point (connected via ethernet to upstairs room)

My target goal is as follows:

  1. Fast LAN speed - 800Mbps (or 500Mbps with SQM/QOS)
  2. Stable Wifi - on 5Ghz
  3. CPU to handle above

I have read a lot on the forum and reddit, and still cannot settle on some decent hardware. There are too many info and contradictions:

  • I am not too tech savy on hardware, so I have tried filtering the search based on the chipset recommendations like: atheros ipq80 or ipq40, marvell arm7, mediatek mt76
  • I ended up with results like: Linksys EA8500/8450, Belkin R3200, Netgear 7800, custom boards (which I don't want as an openwrt router) such as banana/nano/rasp pi.

For example:

  • Linksys EA8500 seemed good to me but, without even checking openwrt wifi support for it, reviews said that it has the worst Wifi dropped connections ever.
    Since I do also need decent stable Wifi, do you have any recommendations like a separate Ubiquity WAP or can I get a wireless router?

I'm at a lost here, any recommendations for a wifi router and a WAP please?