Wireless Repeater problems

Hey all, I've got a TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 v5, and I'm trying to get it setup as a repeater for an access point. I'm following the docs via LuCI and everytime I get to the first step on the router that is set be the repeater itself, to change the default IP on the LAN interface and disable DHCP, the router becomes unreachable. It either does not commit the changes, or it appears to but is now no longer reachable on a wired connection and the wireless network will not connect to anything.

You have to set your computers IP to the same subnet as the repeater. You need a static IP.

If you set for example the repeaters IP to you can set it to on your PC's LAN adapter.

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thank you I'll give that a shot!

So I can't seem to get it to work still. I'm setting a static IP on both the repeater and on the desktop I'm trying to use to configure it. I'm setting the IP on the desktop on the wired LAN port that I'm using to connect. I've tried going in order on the docs but everytime I try to set the LAN IP on the br-lan interface on the router it goes unreachable, no matter what I do.

The instructions were missing a step to press Save & Apply immediately after changing the LAN IP address to, and before proceeding to disable DHCP imho.

see if that helps.

fwiw, slightly better instructions for installing RelayD may be found in section 9.10 of the Installation guide for HH5a


appreciated! I think that this is outdated though, no? Specifically using relayd as the basis for the repeater I mean. I'm trying to use the more modern configuration for this network.


While the link does allude to that, you need to learn to save first.

This is where you need to go next. If you can manage to save, then you can try something more modern.
You need to walk before you run, no?

Yeah this isn't a learning experience for me. I appreciate the perspective but this network is for someone else who just needs it done and I already know how to run. I would prefer to use what modern wifi drivers can support. The docs didn't allude to relayd being an older configuration they come right out and say it. I appreciate you taking the time to respond I'm just trying to be as clear as I can. I'll be on this all day and if I have to submit a patch for the docs myself I'll do that. Thanks again for your time.

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Does it really?

How is saving edits coming along?

I have no idea what this is even supposed to mean? Its also super hostile and weird? These screenshots are from the docs for anyone else who stumbles on this exchange.

Continuing on with the weirdness and hostility! Great stuff over here.

I'm not trying to be hostile.

You took umbridge with

Which are valid questions. Have you managed to commit the changes?