Wireless repeater problem

I installed openwrt in a td-8968 v3, with the purpose of using the router as an wifi repeater. I followed all the steps correctly, but still it doesn't seems to work. My main issue is with the wifi tab, when I'm only with the "main router" active, it shows the speed fine, but when I add the slave router the signal drops showing a message 'wifi disabled or not associated'. Also notice that when they're both active simultaneously, I can't see the slave wifi in my devices (smartphone, for example). I can only see the slave wifi when the main router is inactive. Can someone help me? This may be a problem with my hardware itself? I have another router to test, but it's a non 64mb/8 as it's recommended in the site, will it be fine to do by research even if it doesn't have the noob friendly interface? I'm afraid of losing myself in the console things. Anyway, I'll attach few images showing the situation. Thanks for incoming answers, and please disconside possible grammar issues. (The images are not screenshots because I didn't have internet connection in the desktop being used to the process)

You could try downloading the package Travelmate. It sets up an AP and station client. It's mostly setup for you already and you will very quickly know if you hardware can repeat wifi signal. Suggest try on clean install of openwrt. If you need all wifi to have same SSID you can just select wifi signals by BSSID. There aren't that many options to mess up really.