Wireless network not starting up

Last year I installed OpenWRT in my Archer C50 v4 because with stock firmware there was lot of package loss and OpenWRT was my last hope to make it work. At that time, I was able to set up my wireless network but I still had package loss so I put my Archer away and bought an Asus router. Now I need to make a wireless access point with the Archer again but it doesn't seem to startup as you can see in the picture (Piso - Plus (Ext) network). I don't know what information would you need to help me so please ask me for it.

I have tried configuring both radios but the new networks wouldn't appear when trying to connect to it and the OpenWRT network doesn't get replaced by the new one. I have also tried following the tutorial in the official page but the same problem keeps happening.

Try to change channel auto and set 80mhz width.