Wireless network bridge: new wifi

Hello all,
I have created a custom image. The image has wifi enabled and everything is prepared for wireless bridge mode.

However, I have the following problem:

I start the router and connect my smartphone to the router's wifi. In the webinterface I start a wifi search and the connect to wifi xy. The router now works in wireless bridge mode: wifi xy is forwarded to the openwrt-routers's wifi. So far it works. If I restart my router now, everything is connected directly and works.

But if I start my router outside the range of wifi xy, I cannot even see my router's wifi. So I can't even connect to my router at all. Only a reset of the router helps then.

What is the reason for this? What do I have to change?

This is an expected behavior. A radio can only operate on a single channel at a time... it cannot alternate between two or more channels. If the device has only a single radio (or if you are using the same radio for upstream and downstream connectivity), it must first establish the 'sta' (client) mode connection so that it can appropriately select a channel (necessarily the channel of the AP it is trying to connect to). Only then can it bring up the AP mode SSID.

If the upstream AP is not in range or available, the radio will not function.

There is a solution for this: Travelmate