Wireless-n repeater (unbranded china-based)

Hi, would it be possible to flash openwrt on this "Wireless wifi repeater wifiboost xy-300mzj1"? Someone gave it to me, and I was thinking to use it as "backup access point", but the default firmware is very dumb.
I've removed cover and underneath is board with MT7628KN (Singlecore mips24k, with embeded 64 MB DDR1 RAM), paired with 25Q16/BS1G which seems to be 2MB SPI EEPROM. There's space for some other unpopulated chip, probably ethernet bridge, and pins for external antena (which might be worth soldering, as the reception on the onboard is very bad). Also looks like there is Jtag unpopulated but I haven't tried yet checking what's happening there on the boot. According to datasheet of SoC, the Openwrt should be supported, but I guess the specs are out of scope for anything recent? I might be able to find some bigger SPI flash to replace the default one, but I wonder would it be worth it?

Not worth it:
Wifi4 (n)
Soldering needed
Software quicks
Slow cpu/performance

2MB flash chip, total no-go.
fcc pictures confirm flash chip https://fccid.io/2BD24XY-300MZJ1

The built in RAM is 64 megabits of RAM which is 8 megabytes. This is way too small for OpenWrt or any other Linux based OS. The stock firmware is not Linux, it is something highly specialized for small memory. The MT7628K is unsupportable.

There was also a MT7628D chip with 64 megabytes RAM built in but these did not get used in many products.


Yes, you are right, it's not 64 megabytes, but megabits. I've missed the right unit.
So case closed, I won't waste time with this one.


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