Wireless mesh on Redmi/Xiaomi router

Hi all
I have Redmi AX3200 that runs on OpenWRT
Also I have two Redmi AX5 that run on original Xiaomi firmware

I created wireless mesh network between two AX5. If works perfect

I would like to move AX5 routers to OpenWRT (as I found openwrt firmware is available).

But can I create wireless mesh network on OpenWRT and it yes, how to do it?


I understand that Xiaomi mesh isn’t mesh in classical meaning and routers looks like create additional hidden network to communicate between each other and I’m ok with this 2 points

AX5 has no openwrt available.

oh, you’re right, thanks !

BTW I found non-official openWRT for Redmi AX5, but you must upgrade device memory hardware, I mean soldering etc

Here’s discussion and manual https://4pda.to/forum/index.php?showtopic=995699&view=findpost&p=129327403

I don’t tried but according to posts there firmware works fine

Probably best to avoid soldering is to use OEM mesh.