Wireless driver for BCM4313 (kmod-brcmsmac) missconfig?

Hi, I installed openwrt 19.07.3 (x86_64) on a barely old pc to use it as router. I can install the drivers for ethernet (atheros ar8152) and wifi (BCM4313) cards, the devices are successfully recognized but cant set up wifi. I've been searching for an answer without no success.
Is there anyone in here capable of give me some help?

Attached some information about the system config that maybe be usefull.
iw list
logread (after boot)
logread (after wifi up)
wifi status

If the forum doesn't allow you to include your configuration files in your post, please use a pastebin service like pastebin.com instead of linking your files for download.

I'm not going to download a bunch of stuff on my computer. Going on your topic title, this old OpenWrt ticket might be of interest to you.


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