Wireless configuration


I am trying to setup OpenWRT to access my network (again) after the configuration stuffed up . However, I am having difficulty getting a connection between the desktop computer that the OpenWRT router is plugged into connected to the main router with internet access.

I have tried several to recreating the wifi connection and interface via Luci but nothing works. As far as I am aware the able process edits three different files on the system and I am not sure if I am missing anything in those files or not.

Is some able to post a working config minus their pass and username?



It would be better if you describe more about your setup - a diagram would be useful. And you could post your current configuration, too.

You won’t likely gain much by someone posting a working config because it may not be suitable for your situation.

I set up a repeater on OpenWRT
https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-, user/network/wifi/relay_configuration
However, I stuffed up the wifi configuration and setup no longer connects to the reset of the network.

The ping is the OpenWRT router from connect to the desktop computer and is the wifi connect from the OpenWRT router to the main router that has internet access.

Your best bet is to simply reset everything and start fresh. You can do this with failsafe mode.

Is there a way I can track what openwrt is doing when I initiate the ping command via the desktop?

wireshark or tcpdump would display/capture the traffic ...

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How would wireguard help? Isn't it a vpn? I have already got openvpn installed.

wireshark, not wireguard, typo :slight_smile:
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Ah ok! Thanks. I guess I would need to preform a capture on the wireless lan port then trying ping the router that is connected to the internet via my desktop pc?

Here is the result of sshing into openwrt and preforming a tcpdump on wlan0 then pinging from the connected desktop.