Wireless Bridge - Ethernet Clients Keep Dropping

I have OpenWRT installed on a Linksys EA6350v3 that I am using as a wireless bridge with relayd. Every ~12 hours like clockwork the ethernet clients become unreachable on the network. I can walk over to them and see that they are running. If I reboot the Linksys, the clients all re-appear on the network. Any idea what is causing this behavior?

If you were running OpenWrt on both routers, WDS/ 4addr should be considerably more reliable than relayd.

Aside from that, have a look at logread ; logread -f shortly before it's going to happen next, perhaps you can gather some clues about the problems then.

Does the issue affect ethernet clients with static IP addresses?

fwiwi, the EA6350 v3 stock Linksys firmware supports wireless bridge mode, though I recall it takes what seems like an eternity for it to establish the wireless link (2 minutes?).

It does impact a client with a static IP address.

I do recall the stock firmware on this guy being pretty terrible, though I guess having to reboot every 12 hours is also not workable.

This is unscientific, but by switching from Ubuntu 20.04.2 to Debian 10.8 this problem went away.

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