Wireless Audio Solution for replace AzureWave AW-GA200?

I have an old AzureWave AW-GA200 802.11 b/g Wireless Access Point + Wireless Audio

I search to replace with Openwrt + USB audio dongle with WIFI AC / 5G low coast

32 M flash SPI
one lan port gigabits sufficient
wifi 2.4 / 5G
one USB for Audio dongle
easy for install OpenWrt

Computer < - WIFI AC - > OpenWrt < - Audio 2 * cinch - > LoudSpeaker MFB Philips 22-RH-544

If possible the dongle audio output >= 2 Volts RMS

What would you advise me ?

To ask the question in an audiophile forum.

in an audiophile Openwrt forum.?

It really depends on your usb DAC. Usually routers can't output more than 0.5a via 5v USB so you need a really good DAC

If a dongle can output >= 2 Volts RMS isn't an openwrt question ...

USB soundcard (audio device) is a well defined standard like keyboards and mice, it should not need a specific driver for a specific unit. kmod-usb-audio should work with almost any chip even 24 bit ones.

The AW-GA200 doesn't look like it was intended for particularly high fidelity.