Wireless Access Point / Dumb Access Point

Hello, Im trying to config my 2nd R6220 as a Wireless Access Point, Im following this:

And I stuck on step 5. The problem is, that my main R6220 with openwrt has IP
And on the second Im trying to set
When I apply this, and navigate to I lose connection, and after a while openwrt rollback settings to

If I change to then everything works. How to change it to 10.2 ?

Just verify the syntax's still valid for 21.02.

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart

After changes in LuCI I changed IP on my network card and it works..
Now I have problem with internet connection
Im trying to connect the 2nd R6220 by wifi 5GHz
It connects correctly, get correct IP but there is no internet access

internet access from where ?

if you set a static IP on the openwrt device, you need to add the DNSes manually,
lack of DNS on the AP shouldn't be a show stopper for the clients though.

Ok, step by step
On the main R6220 the only thing I did is static lease to mac adres of AP (2nd R6220) and IPv4

On the AP I made steps 1 - 14 Wireless Access Point / Dumb Access Point
Then in LAN interface I provided custom DNS to
In Wireless by option SCAN i joined to wifi from main R6220
It created new interface wwan wlan1
And now Im stuck

It looks like DHCP problem ?
If I connect via ehternet to AP then I have acces to APon, access to main router on, but have no access to internet
If I connect via WIFI to AP, Then I have only access to AP on
If I connect via WIFI to main router, then I have accest to main router 10.1 and internet, have no access to AP on 10.2

Did you also do the IP change, as in the link vgaetera posted ?

Why ? you want/need the double NAT ?
NATing using the same subnet on the WAN and LAN side doesn't work,
it confuses the router.

look into they relayd package.

To me it looks like a user problem :wink:

What do you really trying to achieve ?


No I dont need it - it created after joining to main wifi

To set up 2nd R6220 as AP with static IP 192.x168.10.2 and disabled dhcp and firewall - dhcp and firewall should work only on main router

Then you static lease on the 1st router doesn't do anything, it's never requested, because of the static IP set on the 2nd router. Hence the lack of DNSes.

Then you have two options, redo the config, and move the wwan out of the WAN zone, or change the LAN subnet of the 2nd router to something else than 192.168.10

so are you trying a dumbAP or a wireless repeter? can you use an ethernet cable between the two router?

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Wireless repeater
Can not use ethernet cable, it is on diffrent floors

so you should look for wireless repeter, in your case i think mesh is the way to go, looking at your devices,but i'm not an expert of mesh.