Wireless 5Ghz doesn't work in Archer C20 V5

I have a Archer C20 V5 (BR), and i flash this version of the openwrt in my router via tftp:

The 2.4 network works fine, but the 5Ghz not, look the image:

Does the installed version not have full compatibility with my router? Has anyone created an openwrt installer for BR versions of Archer C20?

Thanks a lot!

Felipe Fonseca

Linaro can be found in

Were you able to solve the problem with the 5 Ghz wireless network? I'm thinking of installing OpenWrt on my router, which by the way is the same model as yours, Archer C20 V5 (BR), but I'm a little afraid because I don't know if 5Ghz will work

I also installed it on my V5(US) and 5GHz is not working. I also not able to go back to stock firmware. Have you reverted back or still using Openwrt?

Can anyone tell if 5ghz is working on build 21.02.1?

It does!
Since there's no easy initial install methods, I went with
https://github.com/Linaro1985/openwrt/releases (TPLinkArcherC20V5.zip)
first, and then
https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_archer_c20_v5 (Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL) (ignore the incompatibility warning)
It's all good, now additional channels are also available finally.

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Ok. Thanks for your support. I just flashed it and it's working really well.

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