Wireguard VPN Recommendations Needed

Hi there im trying to use wireguard vpn protocol on my wrt3200acm because openvpn is slow compared to wireguard due to many reasons. I want a vpn the provides ddos protection and has reasonable speeds near a miami location so i can prevent ddos attacks wheb playing on my gaming consoles and without interfearing with download speeds on games. It would be appreciated for recommendations on wireguard vpns that support openwrt and has ddos protection Not a paid addon like purevpn Thanks

@tuckereck - This forum is not the best place to ask that question because it is not directly related to OpenWrt. The OpenWrt project doesn't make any specific recommendations or endorsements for VPN providers/services.

Your request for VPN recommendations is considered out of scope on these forums, and it would be best for you to ask the question in other forums sites (or places like reddit) that have places to discuss the pros/cons of such services and providers.

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mullvad seems to trickle to the top of many lists.

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