Wireguard Speed

Dear OpenWrt community,

Measured wireguard speed (incl preshared key) on 19.07.3 as awireguard peer/client (the wireguard peer/server being a i5-3470 with openwrt)

Strange that ipq8064 has similar speeds like the much cheaper mt7621AT. Did anybody observe the same ?

Thanks ! and

cheers blinton

The limitation could be in client side.

  • Isn't hardware NAT offloading available on this device?
  • Perhaps you enabled it?

Didn‘t enable SW nor HW NAT on the mt7621AT.
Just puzzled that ipq8064 is so „slow“ with wireguard. Acc. to the link above even ipq4019 delivers higher wireguard speed than what I measured with the ipq8064. However, I have a spare ipq4019 (travel router) on which I could transfer the identical wg config and test (if I get same speed as stated in the link above).
I could also turn off preshared key and compare. Give me a few days, I‘m unfortunately very busy this week.
cheers blinton

Dear all,

I made some additional measurements with my wireguard client configuration on several routers (via iperf3), all 19.07.3:
Ranking, basically confirming what was stated in the above mentioned openwrt wireguard performance link, plus additional routers

  1. APU2E4 (AMD GX-412TC) - up to 630 MBit/s
  2. Archer c2600 v1.0 (ipq8064) - up to 320 MBit/s
  3. AVM 4040 (ipq4018) - up to 280 MBit/s
  4. Youhua WR1200JS (alias GLinet WR330, MT7621AT) - up to 190 MBit/s
  5. Asus N18u (BCM53XXX) - up to 115 MBit/s (of 310 MBit/s w/o wireguard, ie normal routing)

All of above with irqbalance turned on, except for the MT7621AT w/o irqbalance, none of them using HW or SW NAT offloading etc, all with the identical wireguard "client" configuration
The wireguard "server" being a i5-3470 (x64), also with 19.07.3.
And it's not via LAN, it's going out through WAN and coming back through WAN.
Ping around 5 ms (due to wg), normally 1 to 2 ms, i5-3470 is easily getting 940 MBit/s.
(sorry, didn't measure with preshared key turned off)

Had expected more of the ipq8064, but that's it.

Cost vs performance wise both APU2 and MT7621AT seem best bang for the buck,
and unfortunately ipq4018 is not straight forward for VLAN (which at least in all of my use case scenarios is mandatory in combination with any VPN protocol).

Has anybody better settings for ipq8064 to get higher wireguard speeds ?

cheers blinton