Wireguard setup no QR code in wireguard status

Hello, I was installing wireguard on my Openwrt router and when I got to the peer section, I had to scan the QR code with my phone but, evenafter a reboot, no QR code was visible.
I followed the manual from Robin Bühler on

thank you for your help.

  • How about using the official Wiki?
  • Your screenshot is missing a lot, what version of OpenWrt is that?
  • You appear to be following old, unofficial instructions that say the QR code is on the Status page - it's now under the peer config


The QR code can only be generated, if it has the full data needed - this particularly means the clients' private key (which isn't needed on the router for anything but this QR code generation - and theoretically shouldn't ever leave the client).


Hello, I was pointed to this manual by another user on this forum. I wasn't aware of a newer one.
I do not configure my router as a hobby and therefor I'm not aware of the latest changes.
I'm sorry about that.
Because I updated my router to the latest software version, 22.03.3 I lost the wireguard configuration. My mistake ofcourse.
And because I used an even older manual, I was pointed to the manual of Robin Bühler.
Thank you for pointing me to a newer manual. I ĺl have a look tomorrow.

greetings Tom

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Do You mean the one which is using only commandline commands?

Hey Tommie. Did you ever create a backup from LuCi prior to this latest upgrade. This may not be important if the answer is yes or no. But it's start to seeing where you are.

The new setup provided by the luci-app-wireguard has rendered new visuals and fields altogether different that the well meaning Robin B.
The setup he describes is in a older version of OpenWrt and regardless of whether the version is End of Life (EOL) it's still viable install to someone, but not us.. because we are on 22.03.3.

And you are correct some take this hobby and make it a HOBBY, and others just know a few people who say "this is easy, try this!"

..anyway there are a bunch of user here with different commercial VPN accounts that offer WireGuard and I bet if you shared your vendor, we might see a few people pulled in to help. Even if your not a commercial user the Wiki with all the command line "uci.this.and.that" is there for the more HOBBY type road warrior. We have those kind of users here too!

Look over the new menus and compare what values you know you have to what values you don't and send us some follow up questions. The QR code generations IS there, but you've got to tweak it to share the info. Even then, we have an ongoing discussion amongst the powers that be ~ on how to make it more user friendly.

So don't be discouraged and do some searching upper left (no, right hand LOL) corner and read some to get a leg up on the language of OpenWrt, you hobbyist you!

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Hello Bill,

thank you for your detailed explanation.
I'm just a 'user' who uses the router to connect from my Android device to my home network. No external VPN providers or something like that.
I've found a wiki page with only cmdlines to copy and paste but I prefer to use a graphic user interface.

Greetings Tom