Wireguard settings differences between a provider and my own server

Hi all

I just set up in my brand new 750M a wireguard client for Windscribe using the administrator panel without any difficulty and without modifying any firewall settings.
It works flawlessly
However i follow exactly the same procedure to install a client for a raspberry pi (PiVPN) server and I don't get the handshake. The server however works in other devices (ios)
I have been reading the frum and trying different possibilities but i don't manage to make the client connect to the pi wireguard server.

This is the configuration i get from the pi that i insert in the administration panel of my router

Any help, advice or comforting messages are welcome :slight_smile:

PrivateKey = XXXXXXXX=
Address = UU.6.0.5/24
DNS = UU.6.0.1

PublicKey = YYYYYY=
PresharedKey = ZZZZZZZZZZ=
Endpoint = 88.XXXX.8.YYY:51820
AllowedIPs =, ::0/0

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let me add that I have followed the suggested instructions to create the wireguard client for both a raspberry pi wireguard server and a windscribe wireguard server using the administrator panel :

The windscribe one works flawlessly while the raspberry pi one does not connect. For the latter I get an orange light instead of a green light when I try to connect

I attach the relevant screenshot from the administrator panel, where you will see that all fields are duly completed.
Any help will be