Wireguard QR code is missing

I have setup Wireguard in my Openwrt installation and i have a peer that already works fine. Unfortunately i cannot create the QR-code, even though i have the qrencode package installed. Under the wireguard>peers at the bottom there is a button to create the qr code for this peers, but it does not do anything. Running 23.05.2
Here is the place where i am looking for the qr, but it is not clickable

It looks grayed out to me. IFAICT, this will happen if the peer only has a public key populated on the OpenWrt side.

To be clear, from a functional perspective (i.e. the WG tunnel itself) the only private key that is required in the OpenWrt config is the one in the wireguard interface definition. The peer config stanzas only require a public key.

However, the private key in the peer config is necessary to generate the QR since that is how the remote device's configuration is provided from the OpenWrt side (which includes the private key for that remote device).

i am looking for an easy way for the users to configure wireguard to their machine. Should not that be enabled, scan it and get the settings?

Yes... that is the easiest way to configure a 'client' device. But for that to work, the QR code must contain the private key for the 'client' to use... and for that to be encoded in the QR code, the private key must be in the OpenWrt peer config stanza.

In other words, OpenWrt will be used to generate the keypair for the client.

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