Wireguard on TP Link Archer C6 v3

I have a problem with my tplink and wireguard. It cannot connect to the vpn provider

It shows that everything is okay but if I redirect all traffic through wg0 port nothing happens and also I didn't Have internet connection. It look like something is blocking connection through vpn

we need more infos.
your wg config etc

My vpn provider is surfshark and my config look like this

endpoint port and listen port, probably the problem

I've already solve this issue. the bug ? of wireguard on routers is rtc clock. most of consumer routers don't have rtc clock built in and it must firstly sync clock with ntp server and then restart wireguard process to connect correctly. https://forum.openwrt.org/t/initiate-wireguard-after-ntp-success/14751

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