WireGuard on Relayd client device

I'm trying to get a WireGuard [configured using Mullvad's guide] running on an OpenWRT device.

I set up the device from scratch according to the relayd guide from the docs.

After a while of trial and error, I found this thread: WireGuard “server” on Relayd client bridge device [SOLVED]

But I'm still having issues with WireGuard completely showing my IP. I think the issue lies in this config:

The rule with relayd is don't' use it unless there is absolutely no other way. And here since you're going to route everything into a VPN tunnel anyway, you just need a standard routed wifi client connection for the encrypted packets to reach the Internet. Remove relayd and configure OpenWrt as a routed client where the wan is a wifi STA on your home network, then configure the VPN.


Hey, thank you for the reply!

How would I go about this? Is using one wireless band as a client and another as an AP good? How would I connect that network and run it through Wireguard?

Thank you for your post! Ignore my reply below I investigated more and figured out what you meant :slight_smile:

For the future onlookers. If you're trying to set up your OpenWRT router as a wireless repeater (with or without a WireGuard VPN). You can use this method without relayd, which is better considering conditions where one has a fresh install without internet access to download that package. This method is from the OpenWRT docs:

  • Go in the Network → Interfaces page, click on edit lan interface,
  • Set LAN as static IPv4 address as 192.168.x.1 (with x different from the network to which you will connect via Wi-Fi),
  • Go in the Network → Wi-Fi, click on scan and choose the “network” link and click “Join Network”.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password, leave the “name of new network” as “WWAN” and select WWAN (or WAN) firewall zone. Click Save,
  • Go in the Network → Interfaces page, click on edit wwan interface,
  • Move to the Firewall tab. Click on Save and Apply.
  • Go in the Network → Firewall, click edit in wan zone and check WAN and WWAN in “covered networks”, click save and apply,

Then to configure the WireGuard VPN connection I used Mullvad's WG OpenWRT guide.

Thanks again @mk24 !

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