Wireguard on a specific WAN with mwan3

I have two ISP uplinks and running mwan3 failover mode. wan is active uplink and wanb is standby. I would like to set up my Wireguard VPN (full tunnel to a VPS running wireguard server) using wanb only. So I configured mwan3 to send all traffic match the wireguard traffic (via its source port) to be routed via wanb only:

The problem: wireguard traffic is always sourced from wan instead of wanb. I have validated this by checking the VPS, the public IP its coming from is from wan

Question: What am I missing? Has anyone come across this?
Thank you!

metric to be set somewhere in openwrt

This is not about the metric. I have them set correctly. I have tested with a LAN client and mwan3 is working correctly for traffic sourced from a LAN client. In this case, wireguard traffic is sourced from the router itself.

is you wireguard interface sharing your lan interface or set individually with its own firewall rule?

It is sharing the lan zone with lan interface:

set it in a different zone and configure your firewall accordingly for it to use the wan you wish

I have tried that and it made no effects

may be have a look there: Need help making Wireguard Client use specific wan connection - #4 by cesarvog

with note from [vgaetera]

that works. you are a life saver ! thank you!

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