Wireguard - Not connecting properly on router reboot until interface restart


I finally got Wireguard working and routing a specific subnet with the help of VPN Policy Routing, however each time I reboot the router I have to restart the Wireguard interface before it'll give me internet access.

After router reboot
No packets transmitted or received

After router reboot AND Wireguard interface restart
Internet accessible from devices etc again.

I'm wondering if this may be as a result of my PPPoE connection taking a little time to establish and maybe Wireguard is trying to secure the connection before I've actually been assigned an IP address / internet access on WAN?

Has anybody else experienced this and found a way to mitigate it without having to restart the interface after each reboot?


Your problem is that the time on the router is wrong after the reboot. That is because there is no realtime clock in most routers, so no way to keep time across reboots. Instead, the system relies on time sync with ntp. You need to initiate the wg interface after the time has been sync’d.

Check out this thread:


Thanks for this! I switched from Windscribe to Mullvad as I had heard good things and it's cheaper, and it doesn't seem to exhibit the same behaviour. Weird.

I'll make a note of this though in case I need it in future.

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