Wireguard issue

i have 4 clients in wireguard settings... and i can see them in Status->Wireguard as peer:XXX

I added new peer in
network -> interfaces->config -> peer ... saved conf... but that peer is not visible in section
Status->Wireguard as peer

also the wireguard client (win10 host) shows constantly

The ip and port all is reachable ... bc i have other client in the same network and it works....

any idea what kind of issue is that?

Windows firewall issues? By default they don't accept connections from other networks.

i am not aware of any win firewall issue; other box is also win and no changes in firewall...

Run a wireshark on the problematic windows 10 and verify that you receive the packets.

as i mentioned that peer is not listed on status-wireguard page... all others are there.

This is not weird if there is no handshake.
Let us know how it went with wireshark.

i disabled the Firewall,

wireshark - > i can see the request was sent from client to openwrt wireguard server;
no response at all ...

Have you rebooted the router since adding the new peer?

@krazeh nope, do i have to?

It tends to help in my experience when making changes to interfaces, especially with wireguard.

hm thats weird...
is there a way to restart interface only? i mean for a new peer to reboot whole machine its not wanted... ;/

ifup wan or whatever name the interface has.

Do you see this packet on server as well? You can use tcpdump for that.
If there is a ingress packet but no response, verify the keys for this client.

ifdown / ifup of vpn iface helped.

seems bug?


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