Wireguard firewall

How to configure firewall if a router (openwrt with wireguard client) connected through wi-fi to ISP router?

You should assign the interface that connects to the ISP router to the WAN zone of the openwrt router.
What exactly do you want to configure on the firewall?

rightly ?

If wwan is the interface that connects to ISP, then yes.

have connect but no internet access

I'll ask again here, what do you want to do?
You allow traffic from LAN only to Wireguard zone. So traffic from LAN to WAN is blocked.

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I want to open an wi-fi access point through wireguard, for all devices in home

Post here the output of
ip -4 a; ip -4 r; ip -4 ru; ls /tmp/resolv*; cat /tmp/resolv.conf*

work after reboot

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