Wireguard endpoint host .. doesn't take effect?

Hey all

My wireguard is working OK. But when I change the endpoint host, save and restart, (or even reboot) the interface then still reports it is connecting to the old IP. Even if I manually check the config file, the correct IP I've entered is there. Is there some bug involved here where there's some sort of caching or am I doing something wrong?

  • Have you disabled the Wireguard interface on the old remote endpoint host?
  • Did you re-key or re-setup the local peer and new remote peer?

(i.e. Have you invalidated the old keys for the old remote endpoint by issuing/using new keys?)

If you used new keys, what you described can't occur.

Some commercial providers can redirect different endpoints to the same server.

You can run a traceroute to see what is going on.

Is it IP or hostname you are using?
if Hostnames then there is the caching TTL on the various hop between your router and the other wireguard endpoint to take into consideration.

dig might help:
dig +short yourotherendpoint.yourHost.name