Wireguard client on OpenWrt

I was wondering if it is possible to run Wireguard or OpenVPN as a client on a router flashed with OpenWrt?
I know both of these VPN offer apps or programs that allow you to fun them on your phone or PC, but what I am looking to do is also allow me to stream my own content that I own to a smart tv at another location. The smart TV doesn't allow 3rd party apps to be installed on TV. I also could purchase a firestick or chromecast if that would make it easier. .
I would install either a server that would run Wireguard or OpenVPN at my house that is always on.
Not even sure if this is possible.

Both are supported but I do not understand your use case. You want to have a device (remotely located smart TV) connect to a NAS on your network to access content via NFS or Samba share?

Assuming you have an OW router/firewall at this remote location, and an 2nd one at your home, you can connect the two over wireguard for example to do just this using policy based routing at will.

I do have 2 routers running OpenWrt, 1 at home and 1 at remote location. On the remote location would I need to run 2 rounters, 1 for the main rounter to internet and a 2nd at remote location running the VPN. Also would I put on a client file on the remote router.
Sorry new to this whole VPN thing.

Generally the way a site to site VPN works is the LAN IP's of one site can be accessed from the other site. This requires configuring different IP ranges like:
Home: through 254
Video server at home:
Remote: through 254
TV player at remote: 192.168.2.X (it does not matter exactly what IP in the 2 range)

Then the TV player can be pointed at, and videos will be transferred over the VPN.

In order for a simple VPN "client-server" connection to work, one of the sites must have a publicly accessible IP from its ISP. It does not matter which one has the public IP.

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This is what I am trying to achieve. As of right now, I do not know exactly how to do it. I understand that each will have a different set of ip ranges. I will look into setting up site to site VPN. Thanks

I just wanted to know if it was possible to set up VPN on the client side router, and be able to connect wirelessly to remote router and tunnel back to home.

Client side of the router .. does that me on some device behind the router? Yes, you can, you will just need to forward to port on which it runs to that device.

Yes, you absolutely can. If the router supports it, you can set up the VPN endpoint directly on the router.

Or, if the router does not support it (or you don't want to run the VPN endpoint directly on the router), you can set up the VPN endpoint on a device behind the router. This latter approach is the one I take; my router routes and my VPN, er, VPNs.

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