Wireguard changing server?


ive installed wireguard on my router, with mullvad, im connected and btw, the speed is amazing...
but i dont know how to change the server, i thought i was need tom change the server , the key in interface and peers but im still connected at the same server..


Did you restart the wireguard interface, or the entire router? That is often necessary for WG to pick up changes to the peer configurations. Aside from that, I don't have experience with Mullvad or other commercial VPN solutions, so maybe there is some other nuance there.

Do you think I had to add another peer to add a new server? Cause I've just erase server location and the key on the the peer already created..

  • Yes, make 2 WG Interfaces for each VPN
  • Rotate/switch the following 2 routes between interfaces to change VPN tunnels:

I believe that creating an additional peer vs changing the configuration (address, key) of the existing one should both be the same in terms of needing to restart the interface.

In my experience, though, if you are setting up multiple outbound peers and only want to connect to one at a time, I think it might make sense to create an entirely separate WG interface, each with one peer, and then have one disabled while the other is enabled. Although that said, @lleachii's comment with the routes is interesting and I'll have to give that a try (although I have 3 WG peer configs to consider on my travel router).

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Bringing up an old topic, when I make two separate interfaces, I assume that only one is marked as ‘bring up at boot’ ?