Wired router recommandation?

well with file/snort ... your bumping yourself into the lower/mid end of this territory...

if you lose ( or split across two or more devices ) the file|snort... what's available opens wide up...

but that top thread 'capability' is definately required for heavy duty file operations... and possibly other extra fancy devices or two with esata || built in sata || nas etc... which might be options on your speed at a lower budget with compromises...

( note: I personally class your disk requirements as 'heavy duty'... tho' technically based on what you've explained... a half knowledgeable user with reasonable expectations can make that work on the next range lower devices i.e. ipq806x / ipq4 / etc. just... but definitely no snort in that range and syncing / backup will be slow, drive power needs special attention within that device class too...)

i'd tell a friend with this requirement (and budget) to get either;

  • odroid H2 / NUC / similar
  • rpi4 + giga-switch-mng(8) + ue300 + heatsink case / similar

they will both be supported for a long time, have low running costs, high adaptability and with the right attention to detail are capable of running snort... ( heavy snort + file at the same time will test them though )

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