Wired router recommandation?

Hii everybody :smile:

After using my old and reliable Netgear WNDR3700 for almost a year now, I would like to upgrade with a new one (unfortunately, it's not powerfull enough for my actual usage). I've already make some research, but I would like to hear your recommandations !

Here is what I'll use it for :

  • VPN (my speed is currently limited with my actual one, so a beefy CPU will probably be usefull)
  • Transmission seedbox (should ideally be able to handle more than a hundred torrents), USB 3.0. As for now, I'm using an encrypted 500Go SSD (LUKS) from "Crucial", I had to connect it with a micro-B to USB 3.0 HDD enclosure. I don't need to unplug it since I'm only accessing it with SSH/SFTP and don't especially expect redundancy since I'm only using it as a seedbox (and I make regular backup to my computer).
  • I will not use more than 2/3 devices at the same time (so 4-5 ethernet ports should be enough, I definitely don't care about wifi :sweat_smile: )
  • A router that (you believe) will have a relatively long-term support for OpenWRT (or quite recent).
  • (Optionally because I know it's almost impossible and consume to much resources lol, but being able to handle an IDS like Snort would be perfect)

My uplink speed is 125 Mbps (download), 6.5 Mbps (upload), which is already reduce by the VPN.

Thanks in advance for you wise counsels, have a nice day :innocent:

EDIT : Ideally not exceeding a budget of 200 € (but I know I'm demanding a lot so feel free to suggest any device) and at least 64 mb flash memory.

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depends on your;

  • budget
  • projected max uplink speeds over ~1-2years...
  • ( and as you mention file operations... storage expectations )

assuming you don't need wireless...

Ideally, I would like not to exceed 200 € (but feel free to suggest any device)
For the internal storage I guess 64-128 mb would be a good start, and I haven't planned to upgrade my uplink speed for the moment.

I'll edit my post too :slight_smile:

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for storage, what I mean't is most routers 'oils ain't oils' and 'apples aint apples'... usb3 ain't usb3...

you have to explain;

  • drive / enclosure connected to the usb3 port
  • acceptable transfer speeds / filesystem / disk size
  • how often you plan to sync / remove / plug into another pc/device...
  • how much reliability / redundancy you expect

etc. etc. basically, we need to know the exact details of everything you require from the storage subsystems...

you haven't told us your speed at all...

I've added them in my post, hope I've correctly understood the details you were asking for ! I only have general criteria so you can always make some general recommandations and I'll check it out :sweat_smile:

much better :smiley_cat: ( in your favour, you've allowed a sensible budget range, well done...!!! )

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well with file/snort ... your bumping yourself into the lower/mid end of this territory...

if you lose ( or split across two or more devices ) the file|snort... what's available opens wide up...

but that top thread 'capability' is definately required for heavy duty file operations... and possibly other extra fancy devices or two with esata || built in sata || nas etc... which might be options on your speed at a lower budget with compromises...

( note: I personally class your disk requirements as 'heavy duty'... tho' technically based on what you've explained... a half knowledgeable user with reasonable expectations can make that work on the next range lower devices i.e. ipq806x / ipq4 / etc. just... but definitely no snort in that range and syncing / backup will be slow, drive power needs special attention within that device class too...)

i'd tell a friend with this requirement (and budget) to get either;

  • odroid H2 / NUC / similar
  • rpi4 + giga-switch-mng(8) + ue300 + heatsink case / similar

they will both be supported for a long time, have low running costs, high adaptability and with the right attention to detail are capable of running snort... ( heavy snort + file at the same time will test them though )

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Thanks for the recommandation, it's indeed more complex that I've expected !

What about devices that would be suitable without the use of snort ? So I can see both compromise haha