Wired network client isolation


I know it is possible to easily setup Client Isolation via LuCi for WIFI clients. However, I could not figure out how to implement it on wired networks.

There are some discussions in this forum, but one of them utilizes a single VLAN for each client, which is not an ideal solution, in my opinion. In another thread the suggestion involves a RADIUS server, which makes things complicated on the client side, too.

How can I isolate clients on wired networks in such way it won't require any changes on the devices' side?

I already have VLANs configured for different groups of devices, and I would like to have some of these VLANs with client isolation.

I'm using OpenWRT 21, if this is relevant.

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You can’t. Except with the VLANs or RADIUS solutions you described, or firewalls on the individual client devices. Or if you get a managed switch that supports port isolation. But by nature, wired Ethernet cannot block connections between devices on the same subnet.


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