Wired Client is unable to access device

Hello all.
I have a openWRT compatible device having two ports (eth1 for WAN and eth0 for LAN). My Acess Point is configured in Dumb AP mode. I have also configured a Switch in my /etc/config/network because my AP has internal switch capabilities and i was unable to get IP on my WIRED client without adding this Switch configuration.

Output of swconfig commands:


I have following configurations for network and Firewall:


After these configurations, my WIRED client is able to get IP address of the subnet of WAN interface. But, the client is unable to access AP. The client can't access AP's page, can't ping AP or can't SSH into it.

Kindly let me know how can I enable my client to access the AP.


Two things:

  • you didn't provide the file /etc/config/wireless
  • your /etc/config/network doesn't seem to include a LAN section, you need an LAN IP address to access the device

You'll need to assign an IP to the LAN (and WLAN).

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Here is the pastebin for wireless configuration:


I am trying to brdige WAN interface (eth1) and LAN interface (eth0) so that my WIRED client (LAN client) can get IP lease from WAN network by forwarding all packets directly to WAN .. Do i still need configuration for LAN interface? Also, what should be configuration for LAN in /etc/config/network ??

It would be easier to explain this on the web gui.

Yes, you need a LAN config, it seems you no longer want a WAN. You just want the device to have one - flat network.

You can place eth0 and eth1 into a bridge together on LAN. I suggest you give this a static IP so you can easilly access the OpenWrt device. If you do so, you must add an IP, gateway and DNS servers of the "WAN" subnet of the upstream device, or simply enable DHCP on LAN bridge. Then all WiFis to LAN as normal.

You didn't provide a copy of this file. :thinking:
I suggest you use the LuCI web GUI to edit this, though.

hello @lleachii, I tried using LAN port but it didn't work.
Is it might be due to incorrect switch configurations in /etc/config/network ??


Your /etc/config/network doesn't include a LAN interface.

Finally, i got it working.. Now the wired client connected to the LAN port of my AP can access WAN side of the AP. Below is the working configuration.

But, If i create a VLAN in my AP and tag it on my Switch port like in the config below:

The wired side is another AP i.e. an AP whose WAN side has a wire from the LAN side of my previous AP. Now, the problem is that i see only DHCP Discover packets from the Wired AP to my AP, but the VLAN don't get the IP address.

Any help??
Let me know if issue is not clear :slight_smile: