Windows Defender "Virus"

i can not download any snapshot... (is something changed? or only Microsoft)
Microsoft says it is an Virus inside

wget it from the router ?

I just DLed it to my Win11, nothing detected.

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i had an mvebu image flagged as virus about 36 hours ago but not last evening or today. i 'm wondering if one of the virus definition sets from microsoft was a little too generic.
maybe try updating your antivirus definitions?

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This morning the MS Defender was updated.

I started downloading the image and received the same warning.



It does not swear at previously downloaded files. Only for freshly downloaded ones.

Yesterday I downloaded this file to folder MyDownloads. And this file is still there.

Now I download the same file and MS Defender finds a virus in it.
And he doesn’t complain about yesterday’s file even when reading it.

ok so i´m not alone :wink:
microsoft defender is strange...

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Did you just find out that the defender is strange? :slight_smile: This has been known since the beginning of time, I personally don’t have it, but I installed an antivirus and firewall separately
и никаких проблем :slight_smile:
downloaded this file. I checked with antivirus, everything is fine
although it is for Linux, and my antivirus is tailored for Win