Windows 10 / 11 - 802.11r not supported?

My home network with 3 OpenWrt routers has 802.11r enabled and working as evident from system log and my mobile devices roaming and maintaining bandwidth.

But my Windows 11 laptop stutters each time it roams and log indicates pairwise handshake which means 802.11r doesn't kick in. Then there is this website that says "Windows® 10 currently doesn't support 802.11r with Pre-Shared-Key (PSK) and Open Networks."

Just curious to see if anyone has managed to get their Win10 or Win11 machines working with OpenWrt's 802.11r.

Cheers and thank you !

See this article...

If I understand it correctly then you need a EAP authentication method and a RADIUS server running somewhere in your network.

Never done this before... Plus with my IoT devices connected to my wireless network, I suspect a lot of these devices will not know how to connect with EAP enabled. So, basically I will need to live with my laptop not supporting 802.11r?

In the end it always boils down to your wireless driver: does it support the needed bits and bolts? And chances are you might be running a new and shiny Windows 10 or 11, but the hardware drivers might just have been bumped with the absolute minimum required - ie to compile agains the newer APIs MS might offer, etc. But no actual added features, because that costs money.

I suppose this is holder hardware you put a recent Windows on?

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I wouldn't trust what it's listed in that link (both intel and windows ones).

Sure the driver reports .11w/.11r/etc support but, let's take my case with 9260, in that list it say Yes to .11w, driver say it support .11w, yet when I set ieee80211w='2', 9260 is unable to connect, yet a joke realtek usb dongle is happy connecting to it.

In linux on the other hand the problem that I face in windows plain doesn't happen, the 9260 happy connects.

In windows no matter what drivers I tried with 9260 it plain doesn't want to connect as long as ieee80211w='2'. In some older versions of Win 10 it was working. And I have no clue what is broken and were cause the realtek usb dongle happy connects no matter what win 10 version I used.

The idea is that the driver might just report support for some feature, yet that feature might just not work at all in supported/current Windows version

Even on Windows 11, my NIC doesn't support 802.11r

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which one is it, might be good to know/post, for future use/searches.

Mine is not supported...not sure how that's helpful.

what not to buy ?


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Or...what to look for when buying a computer with onboard wireless, or buying a USB wireless NIC.

on board wireless can usually be swapped out, on both desktops and laptops.
but then you need to know what not to buy, hence the question ...

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It is indeed easier to blacklist hardware than to whitelist it.

Maybe so, but I find that lists like "802.11ac devices supported by OpenWRT"..."802.11x devices supported by OpenWRT" much easier to find what I'm looking for.

Anyway, I'm out.

It is an older machine, but I swapped out the wifi card for a pretty new Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210. So even the AX210 isn't supporting 802.11r (with PSK anyway).

And if what Intel says here is anything to go by, I have a chance of making it work if I change authentication from PSK to EAP. Not about to try though.