Willl OpenWrt v18 be able to do this?

I've been following the LEDE to OpenWrt project and plan on moving to OpenWrt v18 once it's out and stable.
One of my key but unusual requirements is I'd like to create two segments (vlans) and treat them differently. lan1 gets unfiltered access to the wan but on lan2 i'd like to override several dns hostnames (basically to defeat things like windows update and games my isp plays with unresolved DNS redirects, etc.)
Will OpenWrt v18 (aka LEDE) be able to set something like this up? Sorry if this is a noobish question; I have a jury-rigged system that basically does this (inelegantly) on dd-wrt using dnsmasq address overrides but I'd like to move to something better.
Ideally there would be an easy, centralized way (on the router) to flip a machine from one segment to another and back easily to allow windows updates to occur when I decide to allow them and not microsoft but even if I had only one IP 'DMZ' (fixed open address) that would work. I could just flip the machine out of DHCP to that fixed address, let is update (after it's been backed up, etc), then back to DHCP - that's almost as good.

Regards & thanks to all the contributors to LEDE, I've been looking forward to making the switch for a long time!


While it would be easier if you'd segment your network into separate vlans, you can configure dnsmasq to hand out special dhcp leases on a per-MAC basis as well. uci can express the dnsmasq options required for this, so while you will have to look into the more detailed documentation (netifd/ uci and dnsmasq) jury-rigging isn't required.

Thanks for responding. So it sounds like for the short term I can use my dnsmasq hack to prevent my machines from exploding while I explore the new features. Can't wait to dig in. Thanks again.