Will LEDE Install on NETGEAR EX6200?

I found a Netgear EX6200 cheap and I'm wondering if I can install LEDE on it, DD-WRT has already been shown to work.

A few specs can be gleaned from here on the unit;

  • Broadcom BCM4708A or BCM4708A1
  • Dual core 800MHz (ARM A9)
  • 128MB RAM
  • 8MB Flash
  • USB 3.0

I'm wondering what hardware is already out there with the same Broadcom chip or same family. I can use this as just as access point which is ok, but if it can completely replace my router that would be preferred. Thanks.

Not listed as a supported device

True, but that doesn't mean the device won't work, right? I'm just wondering if there is some idea of how well it might work, if there is some equivalent hardware already in use.

Open-source drivers likely do not exist for the Broadcom wifi chips in that unit. DD-WRT has a deal with Broadcom licensing their closed-source drivers.

In case of the Netgear EX6200v1, it would be unsupportable (well, at least both wlan cards - and that's not going to change), in case of the Netgear EX6200v2 it should be possible to support it. But, someone with the device would still have to investigate how to generate firmware images accepted by the OEM firmware updater/ bootloader tftp to add support for this device (no, you can't flash something similar, it needs to match exactly) - and that's not guaranteed (there are quite a few ipq40xx devices which could be supported, but currently aren't, because some final -but crucial- steps are missing).

Thanks for the replies. I'll assume that this device is a no go (and the thread can be closed).