Wildcards for packages in Image Builder? (include all kernel modules)

Is it possible to use wildcards for packages in Image Builder?

I am trying to build an image that contains all kernel modules, but make image PROFILE=xunlong_orangepi-zero PACKAGES="nano kmod-*" did not seem to work.

How can I achieve this?

You do not want to achieve that (especially not with the imagebuilder).

"All kernel modules" = "all kmod*" package would make a strange and very large image. It might also contain conflicting modules.

Like hnyman says, something as simple as wpad-basic vs. wpad-openssl, or the multiple libustream-ssl varieties would make your build break.

You can compile all kernel modules (buildroot has an option for that) but since quite a few are mutually exclusive, you cannot package them all (or install them all).

What you can do if you need to redistribute it is package it all up (like the default OpenWrt SDK does) or provide an online repo one can download the matching packages from.

Make syntax (and that's what the config file essentially is) doesn't really have a concept of wildcards either (that's not quite true, but it's complicated - and doesn't apply to the question at hand, as that won't be possible).