Wil6210: wil6210.fw differs between chips?

Does the firmware differ between QCA9500 and QCA9005?
Both use Wilocity Wil6120 chip and lod wil6210.fw.

Sry, I mean QCA9008 and QCA9005.

No, it should it be the same as its all based on the same IC.
They both should be Sparrow based, only new Talyn ones(Not yet seen on market) use different firmware, but its also named differently.
Why do you ask?

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There is some interesting tool that allows u in an easy way to modify the firmware and add extensions. (I think it was called nexmon)

Initially, they modified the TP Link AD something, which has the QCA9008 chip. But this has m.2 key a+e. I can not find some APU that is supporting this. (Do u have one?). Neither, I find some adapter to mpcie. (Always the other way around). Now I thought maybe getting the QCA9005 instead which uses mpcie.

You are talking about this?

You really are not going to find any board with M.2 slot when it comes to wireless boards.

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Yep. (Sry, just using mobile phone right now)

U only find boards with m.2 SATA. :confused:

Did u maybe heard from an adapter? ^^

Well, I know of a PCI-E Mini to M.2 adapter but not vice versa

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Maybe I found one... :slight_smile:

Ok, so its similar to this:

Nope, does not work!
The PCI-ID is not recognized! Something magic might happens under windows.

I've recently purchased this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/M-2-NGFF-Key-A-E-A-E-to-Mini-PCI-E-Adapter-with-FFC-Cable-for-PC-Computer-New/233352087135

Impossible to find it all in one board, e.g. without extension cable when it comes to A+E format. There are available single board solutions but only for SSD drives or different key types.

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