Wikidevi successors in dataentries


I have now seen 3 successors of wikidevi:

As long as those sites keep using the same device naming ("Wikidevi ID") as, we can now easily switch between them in the dataentries (should one decide to close down again like the original wikidevi did).

Behind, or better: in front of the Wikidevi ID is a freely configurable base-url; currently this is
Should this site go down, the base url can be changed in the wiki config to an alternate site, and all links are working again, without touching any dataentry.

Currently we have both in the dataentries: Full URL + ID only.

  • Wikidevi URL for easy copy&paste filling of the dataentry (copy full URL is possibly easier than copying just the ID)
  • Wikidevi ID for easy maintenance

As a wiki admin I prefer the ID, of course :slight_smile:

Please let me know your opinion on this.

ID looks fine and seems a sensible solution.
My only worry is that we've now got 3 new wikidevi, and they can't possibly be in sync with each other...

Not our problem, but 2 of them need to be shut down in my opinion.