Wiki registration disabled?

If I try to register directly or use my GitHub credentials I get error messages in a red top-bar saying (self-)registration is disabled. Is that intended, permanent, etc? Is there an alternate process?


@tmomas since I'm an admin too can I also create accounts if someone is PMing me? (I mean yes I know I can do it, but maybe you wanted to be the only gatekeeper, I don't know :slight_smile: )
Also, you think it's ok to have some message about this in the login page? It's confusing to open the page and not see any registration button nor info on what to do next.

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Sure, you can create new wiki accounts as required!

Hmmm... I see, some kind of information would probably be helpful.
I'll look into it.

Hey, not sure if this is the correct place, but can I get an account on the Wiki please?

I'm having a fantastic time attempting to debrick a router and I've already found two or three things that would benefit the community.

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Please send me a PM with your desired username and email address and I will manually create an account for you.

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