Wiki page for creating a Luci app package?

Is there a wiki page documenting how to develop and build a separate package for the LUCI UI pages I've created for an application?

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I would be interested in the same topic.

I would also like to understand/learn, how to create own admin pages that appear in the "services" menu of LuCi.
Now there is one thing to get familiar with the LUA programming language (and beyond that I am miles away from even thinking of providing anything to the community GIT hub).

But it seems like there is kind of a special concept of views and controllers, header and footer behind LuCi and some file storage concept. E.g. I currently do not even understand where to but even basic hello world LUA script files on my router.

Is there maybe some some background docs that can be read or a simple example app to look at?
How do others get into this?

if you got some experience in php or similiar stuff, it's will be easier to understand how luci works.

in short: view is the web interface you are going to show to the user. and controller is the backend logic that handles user's action (eg. by click a link or button). with this, you can already start to write some simple luci plugins. example:

but actually most luci plugins use the "cbi" tech, which luci is proud of. IMO, the cbi tech is powerful but also obscure. it's like a mixture of fronend UI and backend logic. luci will translate lua object into web elements, and bind uci content (/etc/config/xxx) with it.

maybe modify existing module and see what's happening is a good start. when you do it, don't forget to rm /tmp/luci-* to make it take effect right away.

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I think I found some LuCi dev doc: