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Hi, how about we merge these pages?

What do you think about this layout?

Merge / replace: I feel like the playground faq is not yet ready. Needs more playing around with, needs more content.

Layout: Grouping by topic seems a good idea.
Looks highly ugly on slim screens (e.g. mobile devices).
For comparison:

The left one is far more flexible, the right one soon gets out of shape.

P.S.: Any reason not to discuss this in public? (Just asking...)

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Yep, this makes sense.
We actually have a similar column-based layout here:

If we just disable the columns, the 4/32 warning looks sort of bloated.
I think, we can optimize it like this:

If we merge the content, it should already surpass the original, so it's a pity that it is buried in the depths of the wiki.
Perhaps we should clarify what we need to do to bring it to light and ask for community help to achieve it.

I have done this now, since I want to see in real life how the "tagged FAQ" behaves.

It's a simple redirect from faq -> tag:faq, so can be easily reverted (unless we clean up and remove the current FAQ pages).

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(damn, I forgot the summary...)

  • Add new FAQ moved to separate page
  • < WRAP > instead of < columns >; WRAP is much more flexible when it comes to different screen sizes. Check it out by varying your browser window width. Compare old (columns) vs. new (wrap).
  • split the list of FAQ topics into two columns, in order to fill that empty space on the right side
  • added the tagcloud again, in order to help users in chosing the correct tags. Check it out, try to add a new FAQ page named testfaq or any other name via

What do you think?

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May be should add this to the FAQ as How do I enable WiFi? and leave a link in the original place.

Yep, I testes it and it works. :slight_smile:
Although there is some delay between adding a page and displaying it in the FAQ.
Probably it's because of the static tagpage.

Note to self (and to all): We need some FAQ rules.

  • What is a FAQ?
  • When to create a new FAQ page and when not.
  • ...

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