Wifi to Ethernet Bridge

Hi everyone,
I am a beginner in OpenWrt and I need your help.
I have a machine that has a RJ45 port and it does not have a wifi.
I want to create a kind of bridge or gateway that allows to redirect all requests and responses from the wifi to the ethernet in full duplex.
You will find below an explanatory diagram


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If I understand you correctly, you currently have a wireless AP, which may have lan ports but far away from the device. What you need is a second wireless AP with built-in lan ports nearby your device and configured as wireless client to the 1st wireless AP. See this link.

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Yes, the goal of this idea is to interface my device with the network as if its ip address is

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I take it that the server (router?) gives out IPs in the subnet 10.35.10.xx and you want the wired-only device to be in the same subnet. Yes, just follow the instructions in the link I provided. However the instructions were written with the old Luci UI (and screen shots) and may be a little bit hard for a newbie to follow. I did that once and it seemed to be working. However it had some inconveniences/limitations introduced from using the relayd package and I eventually just configured the 2nd wireless AP without the relayd package and let the devices connected to it in a different subnet. But that - not a bridge anymore - isn't what you want.

I will give an example of what I want:
We suppose that the device has a Modbus TCP server, I want to communicate with the Modbus server from the PC through the ip address and port 502.
In the normal state, you must wire the pc with the device with an ethernet cable by changing the IP address of the PC to 192.168.1.x and communicate with the Modbus server through the IP address and port 502

Sounds like a routed client can fit as well:

Just enable masquerading and add a DNAT rule.

Thanks @vgaetera for the solution, and I added the Port Forwarding so that I met my need.

Best Regards,

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