WiFi status empty / LUCI works OK OrangePi Zero

I "generated" mixing together two images "factory OWrt 15.05.1 for OPiZ" and "OWrt 18.06.1 for OPiZ R1"
to get new OpenWrt 18.06.1 for Orange Pi Zero.
Problem is, that LUCI can scan and show WIFIs around. When I try to connetc to any wifi it does not connect and wifi interface dissappears.
As I said, after reset LUCI can see wifi networs around. But command "wifi status" from terminal returs empty result, just two brackets.
Where should I look for problem? It seems 18.06.1 has got totally different structure of system than 15.05.1

  • Are you saying that you compiled your own image?
  • If so, what's different in your image from the imagine at the downloads site?
  • Did you try the image on the downloads site, if so, did it work?

Yes, i generated for opizero R1. There is no support for opizero. So i mixed version 15 for opizero with version 18 poizero R1.

Use the Nano Pi NEO Image on the Orange Pi Zero add a USB Wifi Adapter and install the kmod module as the onboard wifi of the Ornage Pi Zero is not supported

It uses different processor, OPIz is H2+ but nano is H3 ? I did use OrangePiZero R1 that uses even exactly the same processor H2+.
Question is why LUCI can see and work (!) WIFI interface but kernel (?) does not see it? Because "wifi status" returns just two brackets.

I generated with imagebuilder image for orange pi zero R1. Then using old image for orange pi zero with support for XR819 wifi I combined them together, there is a way how to do it described on internet, keeping some folders while others are overwritten.... then some links to *.ko modules are created...
In general it works just wifi makes a problems

This is the part I don't understand...what do you mean "mix"???

Are you certain that you haven't mixed modules for different Kernel versions?

H2+ is a variant of H3, targeted at low-end OTT boxes, which lacks Gigabit MAC and 4K HDMI output support.
H3 images are proven to run on H2+

So image from H3 Nano Pi works just fine

As for your issue with the XR819 Wifi, which kernel version it was working on ?

That wifi chip was supported in 3.x kernel but not yet in mainline 4.x. It does not have good enough support.

did you try the openwrt image from official website for zero?

This works well, i used it as source for modules