WiFi stability issue with Netgear R6220

I've flashed my Netgear R6220 with OpenWRT 19.07.3 and I'm having WiFi stability issue.
Regularly I have to restart WiFi interface because my iot device lost connection and failed to reconnect.
Since the interface is restarted the device automatically reconnect.
Can you help me with this ?

fwiw, there is no simple solution to your problem. Perhaps try openwrt 18.06 for R6220 to see if it is any better? Someone with more experience with R6220 may be able to offer other advice.

The open source wifi drivers provided for openwrt use are not always the best and so may have compatibility problems with some devices. Closed source wifi drivers used in OEM firmware are often more stable.

It is quite common to use OpenWrt for 'router' functions, with a separate wireless access point (OEM firmware) for serving wifi.

Hi, I'm kind of late in the game, but I'm facing the exact same problem. Have you been able to solve your problem?

I think I have a similar problem on 21.02.

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