Wifi speed reduced from time to time

Hi! I have two Xiaomi AX3600 connected with mesh. They work perfectly, and an iperf3 test from one to the other show speeds between 600-700 Mbits/sec in both directions.

The problem is that from time to time, this speed is reduced but only in one direction. From the AP to the router, the speed remains with 600 Mbits/sec, but in the other direction, from the router to the AP, the speed is reduced to 25-30 Mbits/sec.

Restarting the wpad service in the AP fixes the issue.

I can't see any error in the logs, but they rotate fast, so when I notice the problem maybe the error has gone.

Some idea of what can be wrong? What things can I look at the next time this happens to try to get more info to fix the issue?


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