WiFi Repeater/Bridge problem

I use an Fritzbox 7330 with openWRT (18.06.5) as a WiFi extender/Repeater according to this manual:
That works great but there is a problem (for me):
If source WiFi is not available there is also no repeated WiFi. With other words, device is not accessable (beside with RJ45 - but nowadays Notebooks often doesn't have RJ45 connection).
I thought the repeater/extender is always accessable with its second WiFi network, but it isn't. Is there a way to change this? Thanks

This is a known limitation: the AP must use the same channel as the STA, but the STA does not know the channel if the main router untill it makes a connection.


That's true. But isn't there a chance to use another mode if after booting no Source-Wifi is available? Some kind of a fall back?
Another way could be to have a fixed channel - of course this requires the always the same fixed channel from source. But if the Extender is available, it might be possible to re-adjust to the proper channel.

Sounds like you need travelmate package.


Did know that this package exists. I am a newbee to openwrt and network stuff.
To get connection to download packages I joined my Wifi network.
I installed travelmate and the LuCi part. I see that in services. But how to go on?
I see this:

but it seems I don't understand this. It seems to have a lot of features, but what are the basics - what is to do. I am not familiar with terms here.

The GUI should be reasonably self explanatory. A quick description is provided in this post:

You can also get support in that thread, although i expect that at least some kind of minimum effort/attempt would need to be applied, otherwise you'll just be pointed back to the documentation again.

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In repeater mode relayd:

add a "normal" Master wifi as name OpenWRT ( encryption ?? )

access is possible but with address 192.168.2.x range because cannot use DHCP on Lan port

I installed travelmate now. Nevertheless there are some questions to me.
I would like to dock to a Wifi (that is selectable via LuCI).
Access to Repeater(to configure) should be possible via Wifi (AP) and LAN.

Right now I have LAN access and created a AP "Repeater" as Master.
What I am not sure about is this Network setting - selectable is LAN, trm_wwan, wan6.
Is the preselected LAN proper? If this is ... will that work if my Source WiFi is also in 1.x subnet ?


Came across this, as I was having the same issue - and yep, TravelMate fixed my issue! A couple notes / questions,

  1. Why is TravelMate needed? Nothing against it, but thinking there should be a way to manually do this also, no? Just wanting to understand the needed settings!
  2. It is still required to (manually) add the LAN side WiFi configuration (i.e. Master / AP) ... right? And bridge that to the LAN (for DHCP) ... agreed? Or at least, I had to do it :laughing:


Yes you can manually configure a WiFi client and attach it to the wan network.

The main limitation there is that if the client fails to connect, any APs on the same radio stop working. If it's a single radio device you then have to log in by Ethernet. Travelmate solves that problem by shutting down the client if it loses connection, so the AP still works to log in and fix the client.

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That makes sense - thanks!